Constitutional bodies in India

Constitutional Bodies in India

A constitutional body is an institution of government which service rules and regulations are defined in the Constitution of India.It gets its powers from direct constitution.To reduce its powers or to give it more authority or to abolish it or make new bodies the Constitution of India must be amended accordingly.For Example : President of India, Vice-President of India, Governor etc.

Constitutional Bodies of Union and Their Chief

  1. National Commission for Scheduled Castes : Chairman : P L Punia
  2. National Commission for Scheduled Tribes :Chairman : Dr Rameshwar Oraon
  3. National Finance Commission  : 14th : Chairman : Dr Y V Reddy
  4. National Commissioner for Linguistic Minorities :Commissioner : Rakesh Mohan
  5. Election Commission of India : Chief Election Commissioner : V S Sampath
  6. Comptroller & Auditor General : Sashi Kant Sharma
  7. Attorney General of India : G E Vahanvati

Constitutional Bodies of States and Their Chief

  1. State Finance Commission : Chairman : B D Kalla
  2. State Election Commission : Commissioner : Ram Lubhaya
  3. Advocate General of State: N M Lodha
  4. Panchayati Raj Institutions
  5. Mnicipalities